A Thief Through Time:

Time travel—think about the possibilities. I have thought about the positive changes it could bring. Think about all the lives I can save.
A Titanic vacation.
A thief goes back for the ring “Heart of the Ocean.” Star-crossed lovers from beyond time returning to save a friend, one falls…
This occurred in 1912 when a magician got help from world-renowned scientist Tesla and Frankie with his next act.
During a mishap, they find themselves back in time during the construction of the Titanic. Knowing the outcome, they try to save the ship and its passengers.
My dear friend, you want to try this to save us, and I failed you. I will lock up this infernal machine as you intended to destroy it. It will not see the light of day ever again.
“Dear God, the solution was the cause! What have I done?” – Nikola Tesla

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